Important changes on my site

From 1st of January, 2021, I gonna post thumbnails from my encodes / masterrips also. (Those are still great quality, But I’m not able to find them in ProRes).
Important: Have you got any of my encodes (masterrips) in better quality? Please contact me, probably I will be interested in to trade those.

If you collect only ProRes videos, nothing else, it’s fine. You can use ProRes link from the menu, at the top of my site. You gonna see only ProRes videos using that link. If you’re interested only encodes (masterrips, like: AVC’s, MP4, MPG, MKV..), please use “MasterRips” from the menu, at the top of my site.
If you’re interested everything, just use the home page (button), you gonna see everything there, ProRes and MasterRip videos also.

My exchange system doesn’t change: 1 ProRes for 1 ProRes, but because of the new “MasterRips” category: 1 MasterRip for 1 MasterRip.
(For example, I prefer to not send 1 ProRes for 2 MasterRips. I’m almost sure, you can not offer something in encode/masterrip, what is so important to me, to break my own rules. We will see!)

I collect everything, what I like, not just that, what is popular! If you have only russian, romanian and/or france, german music videos.. Perfect! I have many foreign stuffs too, send me your videolist and we will see, what we can exchange after that.